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Water treatment and distribution for your events

From drinking fountains to sanitary facilities, washbasins, showers and other hygiene facilities, bar and catering areas in hospitality, and medical and antidoping areas… events can have a host of different water supply needs, each of which requires specific technical skills to ensure a connection to drinking water and evacuation of wastewater.

On-hand 24 hrs/day 7 days a week

Waterlab Services is an expert in the field and provides support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all types of event projects for the installation of temporary water supply and sanitation networks. Our specialists will study your project in meticulous detail in order to offer you solutions adapted to the logistics and visitor capacity of your site. Our promise: to guarantee your participants the comfort of high-quality drinking water at sufficient flows and pressure, wherever and whenever your event! Our support

Our support services

Unique support for every event

Music events

Outdoor concerts, festivals…

Sports events

Races, rallies, indoor and outdoor competitions…

Cultural events

Circuses, fashion weeks, film and theatre festivals, cooking workshops…

Professional events

Conferences, seminars and other corporate events…

Association events

Scout meetings, clearance sales, charity events…

Solutions to all your needs.

Water treatment for events: unique expertise

The challenge

Being able to rely on a service provider who understands the stakes and constraints linked to the event business.

The solution

The Waterlab Services teams are all experienced in the fields of research, installation, set-up and monitoring of structures dedicated to water supply and sanitation for event sites. On a larger scale, all subsidiaries in the Enygea group communicate and work with each other to share their expertise in temporary hygiene and consumption solutions.

Intelligently placed zones

The challenge

The ability to set up the different spaces for your events unrestricted (merchandising, catering, sanitary facilities, VIP zone, etc.) in the most strategic locations for your site.

The solution

Our solutions, which combine gravity drainage and pumping evacuation as well as the use of a high-pressure drinking water distribution network, enable you to configure your event zones the way you want, where they are strategically most appealing and profitable in terms of visitor traffic flows. Waterlab Services adapts to all your needs!

High-quality potable water distribution for your events

The challenge

Providing your guests with potable water fit for human consumption.

The solution

Waterlab Services manages the installation of bespoke potable water distribution infrastructure for all types of event, using only products certified for water transport and contact with food. We systematically prepare filtration, disinfection and analytical solutions in order to maintain optimum quality in the water distributed at your site. Our processes and rules for logistics, installation and deployment of piping and equipment, and their implementation, are also carefully studied to ensure hygiene at every stage.

A water network for perfect water distribution at your events

The challenge

To guarantee your participants a water network with a consistent pressure and flow throughout your event, even during peak periods.

The solution

Waterlab Services has the expertise needed to size and install a pipe network capable of supplying all water needs for your event in all locations and circumstances. We take care over our choice of equipment, prioritizing equipment that can limit water flow in order to limit wastage.

Sufficient volumes of reliable equipment

The challenge

To offer practical solutions throughout the event.

The solution

Working with Waterlab Services offers you access to a fleet of new, cutting-edge equipment that is constantly renewed and available to meet your needs and respond to unexpected circumstances.

Accessible, autonomous and professional teams

The challenge

Putting your events project in the hands of an effective contractor with complete peace of mind.

The solution

The Waterlab Services teams are young, passionate about their work, enthusiastic and regularly trained on best practices in the field of event plumbing. A preliminary visit to your site and in-depth study of your needs help limit and prevent any nasty surprises during setup. During this stage, our methodical structure ensures everyone knows what they need to do A site coordinator ensures regular contact with you to keep you up to date with your project’s progress.

On-site solutions for fire protection

The challenge

Having access to fire protection equipment at all times for quick action at your event.

The solution

To be able to tackle all eventualities, Waterlab Services offers a range of equipment capable of meeting the needs of firefighting services if required at your temporary event. In order to fight fires, firefighters may require the installation of flexible tanks at your site, with capacities adapted to the type of risk faced (low, ordinary, significant, etc.).

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