Temporary storage for drinking water: static tanks

Solutions for temporary potable water storage: Our static tanks

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Intro background

Designed for temporary storage of potable water, our static tanks take up less space (L. 2.50 x W. 2.50). Robust yet lightweight, static tanks offer a closed and secure storage solution.

This equipment is suitable for all sites that need to be supplied with clean water without being connected to the water distribution network. Waterlab Services provides a comprehensive service for supplying water anywhere, offering frost-resistance in winter, a protective tarpaulin and electronic level measurement.

Drinking water temporary storage

Technical specifications for our drinking water static tanks

Individual capacity of 8 m3
Less bulky (L 2.50 m x W. 2.50 m)
Tank produced from HDPE (compliant with health standards)
Hydraulic disconnection
Option to link two tanks

Minimum bulk

The advantages of potable water static tanks

The first advantage of a static tank is that it takes up less space. Unlike flexible tanks, the cylindrical shape of static tanks enables them to take up vertical space. This reduced volume is ideal for worksites and events where space is limited and needs to be available for activities.

Rigidity and lightness overall

The advantages of potable water static tanks

Our static tanks are made from HDPE. This material offers extremely high performance and durability and is capable of reaching a useful life of 100 years. It is the most environmentally friendly alternative for water management. Corrosion and abrasion resistant, this material enables our static tanks to provide a truly reliable solution at your worksites and events.

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