The Waterlab Services solution

To support our client, we worked in partnership with the company HAPPEE Services, a subsidiary of the Engyea group. HAPPEE Services rented, installed and connected the sanitary and handwashing facilities. Our work involved disinfecting the water network for the sanitary facilities.

Waterlab‘s duties consisted of designing the project (including plans on AutoCAD), installing all the infrastructure for water distribution to the sanitary facilities, with our HAPPEE Services colleagues, preliminary disinfection of the drinking water networks and installation of non-invasive HydroFLOW disinfection equipment.


HAPPEE Services

​​A sanitation specialist for events in Ile-de-France, HAPPEE Services helps its clients choose, install and maintain hygiene facilities in the sanitary zones of events of all sizes for a range of different visitors.


Maintaining water potability and distribution

As part of the mission to organize Global Citizen Live, our client HAPPEE Services, a renowned events contractor, consulted us for the installation of a water disinfection system for sanitary and handwashing facilities to ensure water supply throughout the event.

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