Additional services for a project managed from the beginning to the end

On-hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Expert in the management of temporary water flows, Waterlab Services is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer you customised, turnkey solutions for all aspects of your project :

Temporary drinking water

Temporary sanitation


Maintaining water potability

We support you

4 steps for a clear and fluid project


Listening to you and understanding your project

Event, Industry, Services, Worksites or Construction : areas in which Waterlab Services has specialised to provide you with the best possible support in setting up temporary water networks (drinking water as well as wastewater). Our teams will listen carefully to you and propose solutions that perfectly match the needs of your ephemeral site.


Identifying technical opposites

In addition to collecting the plans of your temporary site, our teams will visit it as far as possible in order to identify the possible locations of connections for clean water and waste water, record information relating to the flow rate of the connection points, the diameter of the pipes, determine the particularities of the site… We will leave nothing to chance to make your project a success.


Develop appropriate solutions

Following an in-depth study of the premises and your expectations, our office takes action to design the facilities , define water flows and the pressures of the installation to feed your site, select pipe types and the most appropriate materials… In short, to develop a set of 100% customised solutions for your project!


Provide you a turnkey support throughout the project

The launch of your ephemeral site is imminent : our team of technicians comes into play for the installation of temporary pipes and equipment (for water treatment, the storage…). But our mission doesn’t end there : we also take care of the operation of the network for the duration of your project, as well as its recovery after completion.

At the source of our expertise : the Waterlab Services design office.

Activities in the event sector, the services, the industry, the worksites context… each domain has its own technical particularities linked to the use of water. This is the reason why our design office has developped specific skills for each of them. The Waterlab Services design office is also a group of collaborators with complementary expertise (calculation and sizing of installations, design of your layout on Autocad plans, creation of technical schematics, etc.) and experienced in related fields such as heating, air conditioning and ventilation (useful for the deployment of certain temporary water networks). By choosing our company, you can rely on a global and high quality know-how to carry out your projects.

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