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Do you need emergency solutions to ensure a continued supply of water at your site, to guarantee the potability of the water supplied or to maintain a wastewater collection and treatment system?

We are extremely responsive and the Waterlab Services teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout mainland France to set up and implement solutions to your problems and urgent needs in record time. Whatever your situation, please do not hesitate to get in touch—we have the solution you need!

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Breaks in an underground drinking water pipe

Is one of your underground pipes broken? Waterlab Services can install a bypass to supply a temporary emergency pipe on the ground. This alternative solution means users have a potable water supply again and the local water network manager can carry out repairs on your main pipes without pressure!

Temporary storage and supply of clean water for maintenance operations

Maintenance needs to be carried out on your drinking water supply network, interrupting or stopping production at your business in the process. To tackle this situation, Waterlab Services can set up a special temporary pipeline to ensure you a continued supply of potable water at your site. We can also install water storage tanks with capacities adapted to your business (from 50 m3 to 2,000 m3).

Emergency relief plan

Are you planning on setting up an “emergency relief plan” to maintain your business, production, etc.? Waterlab Services can help! We can determine in advance your potable water and/or sanitation needs, a list of equipment to be deployed in the event of an emergency, and ensure pre-booking of all the equipment required for guaranteed availability on the day.

Management of health, environmental and humanitarian crises

In a crisis context (health, environment, humanitarian, etc.), needs related to water use and consumption can be extremely high. Whatever the situation, Waterlab Services can set up complete potable water supply and sanitation networks on your temporary site. Although our solutions are temporary, we can guarantee the complete safety and systematic inspection of the quality of the water distributed. The people using your shelters, emergency hospitals and remote sites will have access to safe, high-quality water.

Accidental and temporary water pollution

In the event of accidental pollution of the water network by the public manager, it is essential and urgent that supply, storage and distribution solutions are set up for safe drinking water. Waterlab Services can manage the entire emergency response chain, from supplying potable water to your site with tanker tanks, to installation of flexible tanks specially certified for potable water storage (health standards certification) in various capacities to suit your business’ needs, and installation of temporary infrastructure to supply your site… Our solutions guarantee you access to pure, high-quality water in all circumstances.

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