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Temporary drinking water distribution solutions

Sanitary facilities, showers, washbasins, water fountains, catering facilities, kitchens, bars, etc... sites that host workers and visitors can have many different water supply needs. Waterlab Services puts its expertise at your service for the installation of temporary water distribution networks designed entirely around your project. Does your temporary site need to receive visitors in an event setting (outdoor festivals, sports competitions, etc.), humanitarian setting (refugee camps, medical camps, etc.) or in a professional context (worksites, industrial sites, etc.)? There are a whole host of strategic points that will require a water supply, from sanitary blocks (WCs, showers, etc.) to catering services, bars, water fountains, medical and anti-doping centres, and fire protection storage tanks.

Thanks to Waterlab Services, you will receive comprehensive support for the implementation and maintenance of a drink water distribution network that is perfectly adapted to the needs of your temporary project. As experts in the field, we know how to quickly set up water storage solutions when no supply is available from the immediate surroundings (such as fire hydrants). From the water’s pressure to the quantity and flow... everything will be carefully analysed to ensure you an optimum and uninterrupted supply of drinking water at your site.

How it works

How it works

CONNECTION TO THE DRINKING WATER NETWORK Le raccordement au réseau d'eau se fait depuis un point AEP (adduction à l'eau potable) : une borne incendie, des robinets de puisage, etc... STATIC TANK Cuve statique utilisée soit pour le stockage tampon de l'eau, soit pour assurer la disconnection du réseau. FLAXIBLE CLEAN WATER STORAGE TANK Celles-ci sont utilisées dans le cas d'un besoin d'approvisionnement en eau en plus grande quantité Dans le cas où il n'y a pas de point AEP disponible à proximité du site, la livraison se fait par camion, directement au niveau des cuves de stockage statiques ou souples. CHLORINE INJECTION Une injection de chlore en continu dans le réseau d'eau est possible en option (selon les installations). DISINFECTION BOOSTERS Un surpresseur est utilisé pour augmenter la pression nécessaire du réseau d'eau, et ainsi palier aux pertes de charges du circuit de distribution d'eau survenues en aval. SAAS REMOTE DATA COLLECTION Télérelève des données de l'installation. LAUNDRY Utilisateurs finaux de l'eau potable. ANTIDOPING AREA Utilisateurs finaux de l'eau potable. TOILETS URINALS Utilisateurs finaux de l'eau potable. WATER FOUNTAINS Utilisateurs finaux de l'eau potable. SHOWERS Utilisateurs finaux de l'eau potable. BAR Utilisateurs finaux de l'eau potable. KITCHEN CATERING Utilisateurs finaux de l'eau potable. PURGE

The process

Your water supply project in five steps


Looking for advice and support for setting up a temporary sanitation network? We’re here to help!

After you send your request, our teams will get back to you very soon to have an initial discussion about your sanitation project.


Each project needs its own dedicated supply infrastructure

That’s why our teams make sure to collect as much information as possible about the technical elements and constraints linked to your site: plans and diagrams, identification of the various connection points, hot and cold water needs, and special equipment (fountains, sinks, atomisers, water stations, etc.), determination of the quantity of water to supply, etc.. Whenever possible, we also try to organize a tour of the site to get a clear picture of the situation.


A water distribution network built around your project

Once the specifications have been established, our design office will take over. An expert in the sizing and installation of drinking water supply networks for many different industries, they will be able to offer solutions adapted in every way to the specificities and needs of your site.


A fluid, turnkey water distribution network.

From installing to dismantling your water supply network, and of course operation—we manage everything from start to finish! Our technical teams are available 24/7 to set up and manage water distribution in adequate quantities and flows, at any time, anywhere you need it on site.


Clear visibility of water consumption rates.

Our remote reading system ensures you have real-time access to information related to the volume of water consumed at any time during your project. This enables more responsible water consumption.

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