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Waterlab Services, a company committed to protecting the planet... and its staff’s wellbeing!

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You are...

If you also believe that preserving water resources if one of humankind’s fundamental responsibilities.

If your aims include paying attention to your client’s needs and aiming to exceed their expectations… you are even better suited to our ethos.

If you share the belief that access to clean drinking water should be available to everyone on the planet and not only in the most developed countries… you might be the perfect addition to our teams!

And, if you are passionate about the technical side of our profession… don’t wait any longer, apply today!

Our values


Staying humble and attentive to our colleagues, we always look for the best possible solutions to satisfy their needs.


In every one of our actions, we are committed to delivering the best services with constant respect for humankind and the environment.

Pushing boundaries

Never resting on our laurels, we are constantly innovating to push the boundaries and offer our clients evermore efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.

Team spirit

We are characterized as much by solidarity and team spirit as we are by our expertise. Together we are stronger!


Agile and responsive, we like to stay on our toes! We are able to take immediate action in an emergency, throughout France and even abroad!

« Joining Waterlab Services means helping forge the history of a young, dynamic company with a start-up spirit that is constantly developing. It means choosing a profession in which the daily activities are varied and enriching. It means working every day on interesting challenges, in a huge variety of industries, such as fashion, music, live shows and manufacturing. It offers the opportunity to be immersed in the backstage zones of festivals and concerts, in the strategic areas of legendary sporting events and the behind-the-scenes areas of catwalks… playing a key role in the success of cultural events in France and Europe.

It means being proud to work with our clients and to be able to offer them high-quality services. Finally, it means working together to build a more sustainable future, committing to doing everything in our power to preserve water resources through every one of our activities. And we’re not concerned only about the wellbeing of the planet. We are also equally concerned about our staff’s wellbeing. That’s why we pay particular attention to the quality of the work environment, encourage all colleagues to make their voice heard and to share best practices, and are committed to ensuring parity in our teams… all in a dynamic and friendly atmosphere! »

François Wolff

CEO of Waterlab Services

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