Fire protection: Flexible tanks

Solutions for fire protection: Our flexible tanks

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Intro background

Flexible tanks for fire protection are designed for non-pressurized water storage for protecting against fires. We offer 60-120 m3 flexible tanks that enable the temporary creation of fire water supply points anywhere in France. Fire protection flexible tanks are a simple, environmentally friendly, economic solution that complies with fire protection standards.

Fully equipped and AFNOR NF (S62-250) and QB (CSTB) accredited, our fire protection tanks are easy to set up for temporary or long-term use. We will help you design your made-to-measure project for the installation and maintenance of the tank that best suits your needs. We can provide the storage capacity and dimensions best suited to the flexible tank’s setting to ensure optimum access and ease-of-use.

Waterlab is at your service for a turnkey service. We manage the delivery of water to fill your fire protection tank.

Fire protection tank solutions

Our 60 m3 and 120 m3 flexible tanks

DN100 inlet equipped with an anti-vortex system in line with the requirements of the relevant fire protection services
Closed and safe storage (no risk of falling or drowning in an open-air reservoir)
Quick and cheap installation of a temporary water supply point
AFNOR NF (S62-250) and QB (CSTB) accreditation

Fire protection solutions

Why set up a fire protection tank or flexible tank?

In order to fight fires, firefighters may require the installation of flexible tanks at your site. Their capacities must be adapted to the type of risks faced (low, ordinary or probable risk, special risks, diverse) and your premises’ classification. In the event of an increase in your production or extension of your production or storage site, the capacity of your fire protection tanks may need to be increased.

Flexible fire protection tanks are essential for remote areas and areas with an insufficient water network. Flexible tanks are also useful when creating retail and residential areas. Flexible reserves can be used as a relay storage solution for forest fire control.

Fire protection tank

Regulations for Fire protection tank

Since 27 February 2015, new rules have been applied regarding fire defence to ensure the presence of fire water points (FWPs). The fire brigade must have a sufficient volume of water to deal with any situation. This water point must be available and easily accessible so that the fire brigade can respond quickly without having to waste time with additional operations.

In the same decree, it is specified that only the AFNOR NF (S62-250) and QB (CSTB) approved flexible tank can be installed when a need for additional water is detected. It is often necessary in isolated areas or places that are difficult to access, with a large number of people, which could lead to a shortage of water reserves, such as festivals, for example.

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