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Worksites and building sites do not always have connection points for drinking water and the sewage network. But, don’t worry, that’s not a problem for Waterlab Services! Our responsive teams are available 24/7 and able to come to your site to quickly set up a temporary system for the supply of drinking water and for wastewater recovery  at the location of your choice.

On-hand 24 hrs/day 7 days a week

Experts in the construction industry, we can design specially adapted solutions for your remote sites (for your teams’ comfort), for cleaning vehicles, for disaster sites or for any other need or specificity linked to your site. No equipment purchases necessary! Our comprehensive, turnkey services include delivery, installation of piping equipment (pumps, wastewater and clean water storage tanks, etc.), setup of your temporary network, and removal once the work is complete.

Solutions for all your needs

Drinking water and sanitation networks for all your worksites

The challenge

Drinking water and sanitation networks for all your worksites Having access to drinking water and clean water on a worksite or building site without any supply source, as well as a sanitation network, even when the sewer system is out-of-reach or non-existent.

The solution

Waterlab Services has the expertise required to install fully autonomous water supply and wastewater recovery networks, whatever the constraints of your site. On sites without the possibility of direct supply, we will organize delivery of your drinking water and clean water via tanker trucks, in a sufficient quantity to supply all your needs on the site. For wastewater, we will manage pumping to storage tanks and organize appropriate evacuation to the sewer system or treatment plants.

Fire water storage tanks and reserves for your worksites

The challenge

Having a sufficient capacity of water to meet firefighting needs

The solution

Providing firefighting flexible tanks enabling firefighting services to take quick action at your site if a fire breaks out, in accordance with the joint ministerial decree of 15/12/2015.

Enables the creation or provision of a fire water source in remote areas or areas where the water network is insufficient. At events, industrial sites and worksites… These fire water storage tanks can also be used as relay storage for fighting forest fires.

Solid design, Afnor NF S62-250 accredited.

Made in France.

Potable water storage at your worksites

The challenge

Having access to a supply of clean water or drinking water

The solution

Having access to a sufficient supply of clean water or drinking water for users, equipment, machinery, etc.

Rented (and temporary) storage solutions for clean water and drinking water are limited.

Flexible tanks offer a quick and reliable solution for obtaining large volumes of storage in one location.

For smaller capacities, static (rigid) tanks can be twinned to increase the overall storage capacity.

These static tanks are very resistant to bad weather and UV and offer an ideal solution for the temporary storage of drinking water and clean water, as they are made from food grade certified material.

They are also easy to physically disconnect, creating a break in the water network to protect the drinking water network from any potential contamination.

Their connection to one or more boosters enables maintenance of constant pressure in upstream supply pipes.

Easy access to hygiene facilities on your worksite

The challenge

Guaranteeing access to hygiene facilities on site for all of your teams.

The solution

Waterlab Services has numerous solutions for hygiene facilities on worksites and building sites, from hot water production to installation of shower and handwashing stations, and wastewater management… Our experts can advise you on the most appropriate facilities based on your project. Get in touch to find out more !

Remote sites connected to a drinking water supply and appropriate sanitation

The challenge

Providing your teams with living spaces supplied with water for drinking and hygiene, etc. as well as collection of wastewater.

The solution

To supply your remote sites with potable water, Waterlab Services can install comprehensive facilities, including storage of water for consumption and hygiene, to installation of a temporary distribution network for the water and a wastewater collection tank, as well as pumping of the same wastewater to storage tanks for draining and/or evacuation to the town’s purification network. Your teams benefit from added comfort at their workplace and you benefit from better productivity.

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