Trusted partners for preservation of a vital resource

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Intro background

Waterlab Services is surrounded with trusted partners who share the same values for ensuring its mission of: Making water accessible and potable everywhere and sustainably. Learn more about Captalys, providing installation of energy efficiency solutions, Chaudières location, a provider of rented heat production solutions, CELADON Management, providing management of environmental and energy projects for industry and communities.

Energy efficiency solutions


Captalys is a close-knit company where the values of a job well-done, customer relations and interchange come naturally. Studies are personalized and, above all, Captalys immerses itself in its clients’ industries to better understand their needs, objectives and constraints.
Their equipment and solutions are chosen with care with the aim of ensuring sustainable development, and are designed to save energy, eliminate or reduce treatment with chemical products for the maintenance of water networks, and save energy by improving energy performance.

A provider of services for rented heat production solutions and hot water for sanitary use

Chaudières location

A partner for the installation of heated water production facilities, Chaudières Location boasts a wide range of water heaters adapted to a variety of production outputs and powers.
Their equipment is modern, compact, space-saving and complies with health standards (certificate of sanitary conformity).
Like Waterlab, Chaudières Location places innovation at the heart of its values. They develop new products that are each more innovative than the last. The company is currently working on diversifying into environmentally friendly heat production units (pellets, hydrogen).

Management of environmental and energy projects for industry and communities

CELADON Management

CELADON Management helped Waterlab define the static wastewater storage equipment that led to the production of several models of static tanks for the storage of drinking water and wastewater:
- Needs analysis
- Proposition of technical choices and possible options for improvement
- Equipment design
- Production and monitoring of production in the factory

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