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Waterlab is committed to the planet and humankind

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Intro background

Respecting the environment and humankind: for Waterlab Services, that comes naturally! Every day, all of our teams become even more sustainable in every one of their actions: from small gestures like recycling paper in our offices to larger ones like improving access to drinking water in all places, for all people.

When it comes to the environment, we push ourselves every day at every level to reduce our impact on the planet as much as possible through green innovations, solutions and processes. Equally concerned about humanitarian issues, we are committed to developing partnerships designed to preserve the health and wellbeing of vulnerable people with no guaranteed access to safe drinking water.

On a human scale, we take care to apply the same principles of equality and kindness internally, from fighting discrimination to respecting male-female parity, and ensuring the transparency of communications and practices in the business. Our staff are happy in their work, and are enthusiastic about and dedicated to providing you with high-quality services.

Responsabilité éco-sociétale Enygea

And because eco-societal responsibility is an integral part of the Enygea group, it is the same degree of commitment that you can find in each of its subsidiaries.

Our sustainable commitments

Engagement 1

Sustainability 1

Helping ensure everyone has access to hygiene facilities

“We drink 90% of our diseases” Although this Pasteur quote from over a century ago no longer really applies in developed countries, we are far achieving from global equality. Still today, 800 million people living in rural settings do not have access to safe drinking water. This is the leading cause of disease and fatalities among these vulnerable populations. *With this in mind, Waterlab Services is committed to facilitating access to safe drinking water for as many people as possible, in France and mainland Europe. We are proud to work alongside NGOs to provide connections to safe drinking water for refugee camps and the homeless, offering the same standard of service as those provided for events, worksites and industrial sites.
Wherever possible, we favour and encourage a direct connection to the mains network of the city in which your temporary site is located and manage water flows centrally so we can monitor and guarantee the quality of water distributed. We also sponsor the Urgent Run Paris race, which raises funds for projects that aim to ensure access to safe drinking water and the construction of toilets. This enabled us to help raise €10,000 for the NGO Vision du Monde for its project in Senegal, in the village of Netteboulou.

*source : 1001 Fontaines

Engagement 2

Sustainability 2

Sustainable water management

Water is a vital resource for humans…. but a limited one. Waterlab Services is deeply aware of this and is committed to preserving it in all its activities. From the technical study for your project, we select the most appropriate materials and solutions to prevent leaks in your distribution network. With the same goal, we replace our equipment stock regularly and favour the use of automatic taps and push buttons to limit water waste.

Finally, our services systematically include metering of water consumption to raise awareness among our clients of the impact of the resources used on their site.

Engagement 3

Sustainability 3

More sustainable use of sanitation products

When providing a drinking water supply, it is inevitable that disinfectant products will be used to destroy micro-organisms, microbes, bacteria, viruses and other parasites found in water that are harmful to health. At Waterlab Services, we are uncompromising when it comes to ensuring the health of our consumers, starting with strict selection of the products we use from leading manufacturers in their sectors. All of our products have been approved for sale in the European market.

We also take care to protect the environment by only using products that are non-corrosive, injected in the water network in miniscule quantities and 100% biodegradable.

Finally, for even greater safety, each of these products has been approved by the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency).

Engagement 4

Sustainability 4

Systematic recycling of waste

Depending on its nature, wastewater can be pumped directly into the community sewer system, or must be stored for prior treatment in a treatment plant. Waterlab Services provides suitable collection and redirection for all of your wastewater flows to ensure as much of these resources can be recycled as possible. Every tank emptied in a treatment plant is also issued with a deposit slip to guarantee traceability.

Our other wastes are treated with the same care; paper, plastic and all other materials are sorted and recovered wherever possible (we work, for example, with the company Elise, which specializes in the recycling of office waste).

It is in our choice of materials, however, that our environmentally friendly approach is most significant, favouring the use of steel and aluminium (100% recyclable) and PET, PEHD, PP plastics that are easier to recycle.

Engagement 5

Sustainability 5

Reducing our energy use

Waterlab Services is committed on every front to leading its activities in the most sustainable way possible, and that also means reducing our use of energy. In this respect, we only use cutting-edge electric equipment and favour equipment that is sequential and/or, by varying frequency, uses less energy. These solutions have a longer life and usability.

We also reduce our energy consumption through innovation. Our micro-dosing pumps for disinfecting pipes turn, for example, thanks to water pressure, rendering the use of an electric motor obsolete.

Our certifications

ISO 20121

Conscious of the environmental impact organizing an event can have, regardless of its size, we have put everything in place to obtain ISO20121 certification.

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