Supply of clean water: water treatment

Solutions for water treatment: Hydroflow

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Intro background

Preserving water—an essential resource for humankind—and reducing our impact on the planet are the two objectives that guide Waterlab Services’ teams every day to adopt more sustainable practices when bringing your projects to life. And, because your customers’ safety is our priority, Waterlab Services is committed to respecting the highest standards to ensure optimum-quality water fit for consumption at any time. We therefore offer continuous water treatment using the patented HydroFLOW system that has already proven its value in other fields. Requiring no chemical products for use, this innovation helps preserve the environment and the health of drinking water consumers on your site.

Why use a continuous pretreatment system?

This system is ultra-economical, safe for the environment and in no way alters the quality of the water or its composition. It is also effective on all categories of bacteria (E. coli,  klebsiella pseudomonas, E. coli staphylococcus, legionella pneumophila and iron bacteria).

This easy-to-install mobile equipment requires only a 220V power supply. HydroFLOW installation provides additional safety after traditional biocide disinfection.

Water treatment


HydroFLOW is a non-intrusive, cutting-edge technology that requires no use of chemicals. It is unique in the temporary drinking water supply sector.
Use of a power supply for pretreating drinking water offers several advantages:
- no chemical products
- no work on the actual water network (pipes are not cut off)
- protects against scaling and other crystalline mineral deposits
- removes existing limescale
- prevents the development of biofilm and algae
- destroys bacteria through micro-osmosis
- reduces the risk of the development of Legionella
HydroFLOW was selected from thousands of businesses (on an international scale) for Solar Impulse certification. This means our technology has been recognized for its role in protecting the environment and the planet.

Protecting the environment

The benefits of HydroFLOW

HydroFLOW makes it possible to significantly reduce the quantity of chlorine used and to cut maintenance costs by two thirds.
In pipes, the high-frequency alternating electrical signal causes the displacement of electrons without emitting waves, without magnetic fields, and without disturbing or changing the quality of the water. This electrical signal generates no by-product but has an effect on various important issues in water, including bacteria, algae, biofilm, corrosion, mineral deposits
(limestone, silica, etc.) and flocculation. This chemical-free patented technology is the only of its kind in the water industry and is used throughout the world in applications as diverse as boreholes and copper mines as well as in the accommodation, retail, manufacturing and tertiary industries.

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