Temporary water storage bladder : bladder tanks

Solutions for temporary water storage bladder: Our bladder tanks

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Intro background

Offering a large water storage bladder capacity of 10 to 200 m3 of water, bladder tanks offer a solution suitable for all sites (worksites, events, etc.) without a direct connection to the sewage network. Capable of being twinned, this giant “pillow” of water offers a safe way to increase your storage and/or reserve capacity. Waterlab Services provides a comprehensive service for bringing the water anywhere: Drainage with a vacuum truck.

This solution enables short and long-term water storage bladder. The bladder tanks is a suitable solution for several contexts, including building sites and events.

Temporary water storage bladder

10-200 m3 bladder tanks

Individual capacity of 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 m3
Hydraulic disconnection
Easy coupling of bladder tanks to increase the storage/reserve capacity
Tank made from material that complies with health standards (unlike competitors)
Secure and closed storage

Temporary water storage bladder

Why use a bladder tanks to store water bladder?

A bladder tanks is a mobile and temporary solution for storing water bladder and drinking water. This storage format is ideal when there is no option to connect to the mains drainage system.
The flexible tank’s closed structure prevents evaporation, external contamination (insects, leaves, etc.) and the risk of falling, and confines odours for a practical and sustainable liquid container.

Temporary storage of wastewater

When should a flexible tank be used?

Flexible tanks are the ideal solution for short and long-term storage of wastewater.
Flexible tanks are resistant and adapted to conditions on worksites and events. As they require little upkeep and no building permit, our teams are able to put this solution in place on your site rapidly. The liquids stored are preserved: the absence of air in the flexible tank and the anti-UV treatment of the high-performance PVC coated technical fabric prevent the development of algae and bacteria for protective, sustainable storage

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