Supply of clean water: Water disinfection

Solutions for clean water: Continuous disinfection

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Do you want to have a supply of potable water on a temporary site? To ensure irreproachable potability throughout your event, we recommend continuous water treatment.

Disinfection is the last step in treating drinking water before distribution. It enables the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms in the water. Some common germs may be left over in the water, as disinfection is not the same as sterilization (in sterilization, all germs present in an environment are killed).

There are two key steps in water disinfection, related to two different effects of a given disinfectant.

  • Bactericidal effect: the capacity to kill germs at a given stage of treatment.

Remanent effect: the capacity to maintain a disinfectant effect until the drinking water is used. This means both bacteriostatic protection against bacterial regrowth and a bactericidal effect against low-level and occasional pollution affecting the network, as well as prevention of the development of micro-invertebrates that could have passed through the plant in resistant or reproductive forms.

Water disinfection


To ensure the potability of the water on your temporary site, we are equipped with Victor Le Nettoyeur. This biocide injection canister operates with a water meter connected to a micro-dosing pump that injects a miniscule quantity of biocide into the water supplied. Mobile, compact and easy-to-setup, Victor Le Nettoyeur is part of a comprehensive and safe water potabilization process.

Waterlab Services is committed to meeting the highest standards, to ensure optimum-quality water fit for consumption at any time. Before your event starts and visitors arrive, we systematically have water samples taken by an accredited laboratory in order to complete control analyses capable of detecting any microbiological contamination. As soon as they are available, results will be sent to you to ensure transparency and your clear vision of the quality of your water.

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