Temporary drinking water supply and wastewater treatment solutions

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Wastewater collection and temporary drinking water supply

A subsidiary of the Engyea group, an expert in mobile and temporary hygiene solutions, Waterlab Services offers support for drinking water supply and wastewater collection at your temporary sites (events, worksites, industrial activities, temporary living camps, mobile treatment services, etc.) throughout France and abroad. Deeply invested in preserving the health of humankind and the environment, our teams are also committed to offering you bespoke, turnkey services for all your projects!

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Our water distribution and treatment services

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Temporary drinking water

Domestic wastewater from sources such as sanitary facilities and industrial sites... the evacuation of wastewater requires specific expertise adapted to its nature. Whatever the specifics of your temporary site, Waterlab Services will be on hand to offer bespoke sanitation solutions that meet environmental and sanitary standards.

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Temporary sanitation

Sanitary facilities, showers, washbasins, water fountains, catering facilities, kitchens, bars, etc... sites that host workers and visitors can have many different water supply needs. Waterlab Services puts its expertise at your service for the installation of temporary water distribution networks designed entirely around your project.

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Maintaining water potability

We ensure the potability of the water at your temporary sites Ensuring access to high-quality potable water is one of our priorities. From pipeline disinfection to sampling for analyses, Waterlab Services has developed a collection of processes and patented innovations to guarantee the potability of the water distributed at your site. Your consumers’ health is preserved, as is the environment.

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Our sectors

Services designed around your business activity

Worksites and construction

Connection of remote sites, water pressurization for equipment cleaning, collection of site wastewater...

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Industry & Services

Storage of flexible fire water tanks for fire protection, supply of drinking water and sanitation for NGO and medical camps, collection of industrial effluents...

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« To meet the sanitary requirements of the Rock en Seine Festival, we called on Waterlab in order to provide safe sources of drinking water. Waterlab’s expertise and availability enabled us to coordinate our installations and achieve the desired result. Thanks to their professionalism and the time they saved us, their help played an integral role in the success of our services. »

Thomas Lemaire, PSV

Icone RSE

Waterlab innovates for the planet

At Waterlab Services, sustainable use of water—our most vital resource—and the desire to push boundaries are an integral part of our DNA. To ensure we respond to all your needs as well as the developing CSR objectives of businesses and the planet, Waterlab constantly innovates to offer evermore environmentally friendly solutions.

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WATERLAB Services is moving its equipment depot from Verberie to Breuil-le-Sec in April 2024

Waterlab Services enthusiastically announces the relocation of its equipment depot from Verberie to Breuil-le-Sec, planned for April 2024. This decision marks a new step in Waterlab Services' ongoing commitment to providing equipment solutions. high-quality drinking water and wastewater treatment, while strengthening its presence and accessibility in the region.

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Temporary Drinking Water Supply for Construction sites

Delivering water to job sites is a necessity for many construction companies and construction projects. Construction sites need a water source for many activities, including mixing concrete, cleaning tools and equipment, irrigating construction areas, and providing potable water for workers. In this article, we'll explore why it's important to have water delivered to a job site, job site water regulations, and Waterlab Services' water delivery solution.

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The Urgent Run 2023: WATERLAB Services was hired to provide drinking water for the event

The subject of access to hygiene is universal and the figures are there to prove it, starting with this one: Nearly two thirds of the world's population do not have decent sanitary conditions, i.e. nearly 4, 5 billion people on earth simply don't have toilets. This year again, WATERLAB Services had the privilege of playing a key role in providing drinking water to all participants of this emblematic event. As a partner, alongside WC Loc (main sponsor), on November 18, 2023, WATERLAB Services is committed to ensuring the supply of clean and safe water through the installation of its water fountains: Fas'Tower .

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How to choose the right camp and hygiene facilities for your construction site?

From October 9 to November 17, construction industry players mobilized to improve hygiene on construction sites, an initiative supported by the OPPBTP poster campaign. Made up of prevention experts from the field who support construction professionals and stakeholders on a daily basis, the OPPBTP aims to develop practices to improve the safety and health of women and men in construction in order to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases.

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