Supply of clean water : water fountains

Supply of clean water : our water fountains

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Intro background

The preservation of water, an essential resource for our planet, and reducing our impact on the environment are the two priorities of the Waterlab Services teams in their daily work. We try to implement innovations that have an ever greater impact so that our practices are a little more responsible every day. This is why we have developed two new solutions for your drinking water supply at your events: Fas’Tap and Clarinette water fountains.

Why water fountains?

Since January 2022, a new regulation of the AGEC law obliges ERP organising events for more than 300 people to install a drinking water fountain for these users. Then, for every 300 people, a new fountain must be added. Waterlab services therefore wished to help event organisers in this transition by offering water fountains adapted to their needs.


Water fountains


Fas'Tap fountains are a Waterlab innovation, developed entirely in-house by our integrated design office. These fountains have many advantages compared to "classic" fountains:
-They work without electrical connection and once connected to the water network, they are completely autonomous.
-These fountains can be used by 4 users simultaneously thanks to the 4 distribution nozzles, which is ideal for your events.
-They have the capacity to fill your containers at a rate of 0.1 litre per second which distinguishes it from a traditional water fountain which has an average filling rate of 0.03 litre per second. For example, a 1 litre Camel bag will be filled in 10 seconds, so this fountain will allow you to avoid long waiting lines and better manage your flow.
-The 4 legs are independent and their height is adaptable, which allows an ideal stabilization whatever your ground and its condition.
-Fas'Tap fountains can be linked together to give you the possibility of creating a refreshment area to suit your event.
Fas'Tap fountains are particularly well suited to your events, such as mass races or festivals, and we hope that this Waterlab innovation will help you to tackle your events with greater peace of mind.

Water fountains


The Clarinette water fountains were also developed in-house by our Waterlab Services team. The aim of this product is to respond to another problem for larger scale events. This fountain again has many advantages that make it different from the fountains we see on the market today:
-Our fountains have 9 simultaneous distribution points with a choice of 2 types of outputs: 1/4 turn valves for continuous water distribution or push buttons for ephemeral water distribution. It is also possible to combine these two distribution modes, our fountains are fully customizable according to your needs.
-They can also be linked together to give you the possibility of offering a multiplicity of drinking water points to your users.
-The legs of this water cooler are also adaptable so that our coolers can be placed at the right height in any environment.
Clarinette fountains offer a different positioning as they are more suitable for events with large or very large crowds.

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