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Water treatment and supply in the fields of manufacturing, water utilities and fire services

For industrial manufacturing sites and temporary camps (for example, to provide emergency medical care, or accommodation for refugees, soldiers, staff or civilians in exceptional situations), ensuring the continuity of activities in all circumstances is vital. Waterlab Services can help you set up emporary infrastructure for the distribution of drinking water and sanitation at your site, for both unexpected operations and prescheduled maintenance operations.

Turnkey services

Your activities often have urgent components to them. That’s why our teams are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to quickly provide you with temporary solutions designed around your needs and technical constraints. No equipment purchases necessary! Our rental contracts include expert, turnkey services, installation of your network and start-up, right up until dismantlement at the end of the project. You don’t need to do anything and will be able to continue carrying out your daily activities with complete peace of mind.

Our support

A support adapted to each sector of activity

Emergency services

SDIS (Departmental Fire and Rescue Services), Civil Security, Firemen, Civil Protection…

Water manager

Operators, Producers, Distribution of drinking water, Collection and treatment of wastewater, Work on networks, Rehabilitation…


Drinking water distribution, maintenance, rehabilitation, industrial water management, process water, temporary storage…

Support adapted to each business sector

Temporary water supply and sanitation, rapid set up

The challenge

Finding a service provider capable of meeting the needs of temporary facilities, even in emergency situations (temporary medical camps for COVID-19, for example).

The solution

Whether your project is planned in advance or an emergency, the teams at Waterlab Services will be able to take quick action to size and install comprehensive water supply and sanitation infrastructure at your refugee camp, rural hospital or temporary accommodation site…

Our company can also count on the help of the Engyea network to quickly mobilize a huge variety of technical and material resources and solutions that are fully adapted to your needs.

Services adapted to the industry’s rhythm

The challenge

Finding a service provider capable of responding to your drinking water supply and sanitation needs at any time.

The solution

For industrial activities, production often continues uninterrupted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Waterlab Services teams are available at the same times and able to provide a rapid response throughout mainland France, to tackle any request, no matter how urgent.

Made-to-measure solutions for your industrial activity

The challenge

Finding a service provider capable of setting up a temporary drinking water supply and/or sanitation network adapted to the needs and constraints of the manufacturing industry.

The solution

The Waterlab Services design office has all the expertise required for Autocad sizing and siting of plumbing, heating and HVAC systems in an industrial context. We make our prints on A0 or A1 plans and send you the corresponding calculations so you can incorporate them into your own tools. And, because the industrial field has especially high standards, our teams receive regular training to ensure they are always able to offer you the most appropriate solutions for your activities.

Solutions to prevent brief interruptions in production

The challenge

Preventing production stoppages due to breaks in your water distribution network.

The solution

​​Whether these are due to a scheduled break in your water distribution system (for maintenance, for example) or a fault, Waterlab Services is able to create temporary adduction in your network. Access to potable water and your activities can therefore be maintained at your site in all circumstances.

Industrial effluent storage solutions

The challenge

Being able to temporarily store industrial wastewater at your site for appropriate treatment at a treatment plant.

The solution

Waterlab Services can offer you various capacities of reliable storage solutions thanks to our close collaboration with one of France’s leading manufacturers. This enables us to provide optimum solutions to the large-capacity storage solutions needed for manufacturing.

Solutions for fire protection

The challenge

Meeting authorities’ needs and preventing losses thanks to the installation of a fire protection system.

The solution

In order to fight fires, firefighters may require the installation of flexible tanks at your site. Their capacities must be adapted to the type of risks faced (low, ordinary or probable risk, special risks, diverse) and your premises’ classification (ICPE, ERP, EPCI).

If your production increases, or your production or storage site is extended, the capacity of fire protection tanks may need to be increased. For all your temporary needs, Waterlab has a range of materials offering access to fire protection solutions on your site that meet the requirements of fire services.

Solutions available at all times

The challenge

Being sure of the availability of the equipment required to set up your temporary drinking water supply and/or sanitation system, every time you need it.

The solution

Even if you need to set up a complete temporary network (during a factory outage, for example), Waterlab Services is able to ensure availability! Our bookings are made in advance for all our equipment and in very large capacities to ensure smooth maintenance of your activities.

Turnkey rental solutions

The challenge

Needing to purchase equipment for a temporary need.

The solution

Thanks to the rental options offered by Waterlab Services, you won’t need to make any purchases or use your financial resources. Our services are entirely turnkey; we install and start up the solutions that best respond to your needs, and then dismantle and remove them at the end of the rental period.

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