Temporary water network : boosters

Creation of a temporary water network : our boosters

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Intro background

Discover our range of reliable and efficient boosters, designed to meet your water pressurization needs. For professionals, our team of experts is there to assist you in choosing the right booster for your situation.

A pressure booster is a device used to increase the pressure of a fluid, or generally a liquid. At Waterlab Services, it is used for clear water and drinking water. This enters the booster through a suction connection. Inside the booster, a usually centrifugal pump is used to increase the water pressure.

Waterlab Services boosters are used in many fields, such as industry, events, public services and construction sites, where it is necessary to control and ensure the correct water pressure at the points of use. use (taps, showers, fountains, sinks, technical equipment, etc.)

Temporary water network

When is a booster used ?

A booster is used in various situations by Waterlab Services to increase water pressure in a system. When the water pressure is insufficient in a distribution network, a pressure booster can be used to increase the pressure and guarantee an adequate flow in the pipes.

It is important to note that the use of a booster must be adapted to the specific needs of each situation. Waterlab Services can perform a thorough analysis to determine the best booster solution based on pressure, flow requirements and other relevant factors.

Temporary water network

The Waterlab Services booster range

Waterlab Services has several types of constant pressure boosters. Some operate at 230V single-phase and others at 400V three-phase. They all operate with an integrated frequency converter, guaranteeing controlled electricity consumption. The circulating flow rates of these boosters vary between 4.2 and 24 m³/h depending on the types selected. The manometric heights of these pumps vary between 25.3m and 162m.

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