WATERLAB Services present at the 100th anniversary of the EEIF

On the occasion of the centenary of the Éclaireuses et Éclaireurs Israélites de France (EEIF), festivities were organized to celebrate this historic event. The celebrations began in February with the official announcement of a large intergenerational gathering.

A large-scale event since 8,000 people aged 7 to 25 gathered, allowing WATERLAB Services to deploy numerous equipment, in order to implement the best hygiene conditions for users and guarantee their well-being!

The centenary festivities took place in the town of Cussac-Fort-Médoc, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located on the edge of the Gironde estuary about 35 kilometers from Bordeaux.


Drinking water connection

Our teams have deployed several innovative installations to ensure the drinking water connection.

WATERLAB Services was also responsible for connecting the shower modules, the twelve-post ramps and four-post ramps installed by the WC Loc Aquitaine teams.

The challenge of maintaining water potability

With regard to maintaining the potability of the water, several water analyzes have indicated that the quality of the water distributed was compliant. To secure the entire distribution of water, two Lab’Box boxes for continuous biocide injection have been connected in order to maintain a minimum chlorine level in the water distributed.

Distribution of drinking water at the event

Our teams had the opportunity to affirm their expertise in water distribution during the EEIF event. Several flexible tanks have been installed: a 60m3 DECI flexible tank and a 10m3 flexible drinking water tank connected to a booster. The latter made it possible to distribute water to two construction misters in order to cool the public in the event of high temperatures.

The distribution of drinking water was ensured by the deployment of several hundred meters of pipes of different diameters (between PE25 and PE50). Two 12 m³/h boosters, a pressure manifold and an 8 m³ static disconnection tank were also deployed to complete this water distribution equipment.

The distribution of drinking water was also made possible by the installation of Fas’Tap fountains operating without an electrical connection.

Wastewater collection

WATERLAB Services also handled the collection of wastewater for the kitchen, using lifting pumps and a 20m3 flexible tank.

Our equipment has been installed by our expert teams to ensure a unique experience for users. Complete services for an unforgettable event and a satisfied customer!

To discover other ideal solutions for your events: https://www.WATERLAB-services.com/secteurs-activite/evenementiel/.

Photos of this event can be found on our Linkedin page.

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