The Urgent Run 2023: WATERLAB Services was hired to provide drinking water for the event

The subject of access to hygiene is universal and the figures are there to prove it, starting with this one: Nearly two thirds of the world's population do not have decent sanitary conditions, i.e. nearly 4, 5 billion people on earth simply don't have toilets.

This year again, WATERLAB Services had the privilege of playing a key role in providing drinking water to all participants of this emblematic event. As a partner, alongside WC Loc (main sponsor), on November 18, 2023, WATERLAB Services is committed to ensuring the supply of clean and safe water through the installation of its water fountains: Fas'Tower .

Urgent Run Paris, what is it?

The Urgent Run Paris is a charity running race whose registration fees are donated to improving health conditions around the world.

The event takes place each year in several cities around the world, including Binh Duong (Vietnam), Burgas (Bulgaria), Kerkrade (Netherlands), Singapore and Paris, on the occasion of World Toilet Day on November 19.

In Paris, it took place for an eighth edition on Saturday November 18, 2023 in the Bois de Boulogne. Enygea and its various subsidiaries WC Loc, Happee Services and Waterlab Services are the major partner of the race for the fifth consecutive year, for access to toilets around the world!

This synergy allows the three subsidiaries to combine their strengths to maximize their impact on the crucial issue of hygiene.

By actively participating in this race, Waterlab Services aligns itself with the noble mission of Urgent Run Paris and makes its contribution to solving a global problem.

WATERLAB Services: A committed partner

As a player in the water sector, Waterlab Services specializes in temporary water distribution solutions, maintaining potability and wastewater management. Participating in the event for 2 years and for the 8th edition of the Urgent Run 2023, the Waterlab Services team set up water fountains free of charge. The company is strengthening its commitment to the humanitarian cause and its determination to make access to water a reality for all.

Waterlab Services provides essential technical and logistical expertise to the event. Providing drinking water for the many participants and organizing teams represents a considerable challenge, and this is where Waterlab Services steps in with a reliable and sustainable solution. With its cutting-edge water purification technology, the company ensures that the water supplied is of the highest quality, meeting the strictest health standards. The Waterlab Services teams are also among the regular runners in the race.

A common goal

By participating in Urgent Run Paris, we had three ambitious projects in mind to guarantee hygiene everywhere, for everyone.

  • In Benin, in the commune of Dassa Zoumè, Collines department, we are considering the construction of a block of 6 latrines for the 127 students of the Assiyo public primary school and its 4 teachers.
  • In Mali, in the village of Lahandi, commune of Koundian, circle of Bafoulabé, our objective is the construction and equipment of a block of 6 separate latrines with access ramps for people with disabilities (3 for girls and 3 for boys).
  • Finally, in Togo, in the village of Djogbepimé, 3 hours from Lomé, the capital, we are planning the construction of latrines in the village.

These projects are carried out in collaboration with committed associations such as Vision du Monde, NGO ITODJU, and Humanitarian Action in Togo.

World Vision aims to improve hygiene in the Lahandi primary school in Mali, for the well-being of 329 students.

NGO ITODJU is dedicated to improving and promoting the condition of children by proposing the construction of a sanitary block of 6 latrines for the 127 students of the Assiyo public primary school and its 4 teachers.

Finally, Humanitarian in Togo wishes to build latrines in the BATO village and renovate the Famille Glorieuse orphanage thanks to funds raised by the Urgent Run.

This year’s results

This year, despite the rain and the wind, we kept our commitments and raised €17,500 for the associations! The active participation of Waterlab Services in Urgent Run Paris contributed significantly to this essential fundraising. This year marked a notable success. There were 1200 of us, including 200 runners from our Enygea group.

On the eve of World Toilet Day, Urgent Run Paris allowed many players in the health sector in France and Europe to come together

What pride to see this solidarity event which defends access to hygiene for all take such magnitude within our company!

Notice to all runners motivated by this great cause: we look forward to seeing you next year for the 2024 edition.

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