How to choose the right camp and hygiene facilities for your construction site?

From October 9 to November 17, construction industry players mobilized to improve hygiene on construction sites, an initiative supported by the OPPBTP poster campaign.

Made up of prevention experts from the field who support construction professionals and stakeholders on a daily basis, the OPPBTP aims to develop practices to improve the safety and health of women and men in construction in order to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases.

Let us take stock of the obligations and appropriate solutions in terms of hygiene and access to water, based on the reference guide recently published by the OPPBTP.

A sanitary and water access solution adapted to each construction site

Cleanliness and hygiene on construction sites are major challenges in guaranteeing the safety and well-being of workers. It is with this in mind that the OPPBTP campaign was launched based on posters and the creation of a dedicated website to download them:

An initiative which aims to raise awareness and support construction stakeholders in improving sanitary conditions on construction sites, particularly regarding the water connection of modules and construction site installations in general.

The guide and posters provide essential information for effectively choosing hygiene facilities suited to each work site, while taking into account access to water. The objective is to respond to the specificities of each project by taking into account its duration, its accessibility and its possibilities in terms of connection.

To do this, 5 questions are essential to ask about: the workforce, accessibility to the site, connection, duration of the site and workstations.

This involves reinforcing good practices in terms of hygiene on construction sites, access to water and knowing the essentials for the well-being of workers.
To ensure the cleaning of your modular or mobile life bases, contact our partner BASES CLEAN, an expert specializing in cleaning of life bases on construction sites.

For the choice of living bases on construction sites, our subsidiary WC Loc can assist you in choosing your equipment.

Ensuring access to drinking water on construction sites with WATERLAB Services

Drinking water is an essential resource on construction sites, playing a crucial role in the well-being of workers and the smooth running of activities. To guarantee reliable access to drinking water on your construction sites, contact WATERLAB Services, an expert in temporary water distribution and wastewater treatment solutions.

Drinking water is much more than just a necessity on construction sites; it is a vital resource. The availability of clean and safe water contributes not only to the health of workers, but also to the overall operational efficiency and attractiveness of the profession. Temporary water distribution and wastewater treatment solutions thus become key elements to ensure continuous access to quality water on construction sites.

Calling on WATERLAB Services means ensuring you have access to personalized solutions based on the specific needs of each site. Whether the project is short or long-term, remote or easily accessible, the expertise of WATERLAB Services makes it possible to adapt the installations to guarantee a reliable supply of drinking water. A responsive and passionate team, our specialization in wastewater treatment also ensures responsible and environmentally friendly management.

Waterlab Services, Bases Clean and WC Loc are brands of the Enygea Group.

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