Temporary Drinking Water Supply for Construction sites

Delivering water to job sites is a necessity for many construction companies and construction projects. Construction sites need a water source for many activities, including mixing concrete, cleaning tools and equipment, irrigating construction areas, and providing potable water for workers. In this article, we'll explore why it's important to have water delivered to a job site, job site water regulations, and Waterlab Services' water delivery solution.

Why have water delivered to a construction site?

Water is an essential resource for construction projects. Without water, it would be impossible to mix concrete, clean equipment and tools, irrigate construction areas, and provide clean drinking water for workers. Construction sites often have significant water requirements, which means they need a reliable and sufficient source of water to carry out their activities.

The delivery of water to construction sites is therefore a necessity. It allows construction companies to concentrate on their work and avoid having to manage the logistics of water supply themselves. Additionally, water delivery can be more economical than purchasing bottled water, especially for large projects.

Water regulations on construction sites

Water management is a major concern for construction sites. Regulations relating to water on construction sites vary by region and country, but they all aim to protect water resources and minimize the impact of construction activities on the environment.

Regulations may place limits on the amount of water that can be used on a job site, require the implementation of water conservation measures, and impose requirements for the treatment and discharge of wastewater. Job sites may also be required to follow water quality regulations, which may include requirements for water quality testing and treatments.

Construction companies must be aware of these regulations and comply with them to avoid fines and delays to their projects. The Waterlab Services water delivery solution takes these regulations into account and offers compliant solutions.

The Waterlab Services solution to deliver water to your construction sites

Waterlab Services is a water delivery company for construction sites. It offers a practical solution for construction companies that need a reliable and sufficient source of water to complete their projects.

The company uses tanker trucks to deliver water to construction sites. The tankers are equipped with high-pressure pumps and can transport up to 30,000 liters of water. Tanker trucks are also equipped with meters to measure the amount of water delivered, allowing construction companies to track their water consumption and manage their usage efficiently.

The Waterlab Services water delivery solution takes into account regulations relating to water on construction sites. The company follows rigorous procedures to ensure that the water delivered is of high quality and complies with water quality standards. In addition, it is able to provide certificates of conformity for each delivery.

In addition, Waterlab Services also offers water management services for construction sites. These services include advice on water management, implementation of water conservation measures, and wastewater management.

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