The Waterlab Services solution

Waterlab set up a wastewater evacuation network and storage in a 10 m3 flexible tank.

Why install a 10 m3 flexible tank?

The advantage of the flexible tank is that it enables the creation of a fully autonomous sanitation network complètement autonome. As there were four people on site every day, it offered a solution with a sufficient effluent storage capacity. With a 10 m3 flexible tank, emptying was scheduled every 10-12 weeks.

Comprehensive sanitation facilities

In addition to the installation of a flexible tank for storing effluents, we also installed a discharge slider valve/check valve specially designed for wastewater tanks! Connections were made with Cam-lock 3 fittings.



A French public works group founded in 2002, NGE brings together several subsidiaries specializing in roads and utilities, landscaping, pipelines and networks, civil engineering, roads and road equipment, geotechnical works, railways and buildings.


Wastewater management at a remote site

For a worksite in Bois Le Roi that required installation of a worksite living area, a solution was needed that did not require connection to the sewage network for the management and storage of the site’s effluents.

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